Every child needs a lunch box! For school lunch, to carry snacks for a school trip, on a long journey, or simply as a container for keeping things together.

The Doodlewiz lunch box is a new, fun, well-designed box that looks great, is easy to care for and has brilliant educational value.  Have fun choosing from bright colours, exciting characters and different doodling themes.  All boxes use dry wipe pen technology that is widely used in schools today.  The ink simply wipes straight off - no fuss, no mess.  Store the pen in the special compartment provided along with the waterproof Doodlewiz example leaflet, a dice and a unique eraser rod – which colour will be in your box?

Doodlewiz is a great way to develop creative and artistic ability.  Use the distinctive double-sided doodle character inserts over and over again, it’s a much more sustainable concept, there’s no need for endless reams of paper whilst you practice or invent your own doodle designs.  Soon you will be able to send in your favourite designs to our website and be a real doodleWIZ! Keep an eye out for our latest news…

Cool games on the side of the Doodlewiz box help to encourage hand-eye co-ordination, wordplay, strategic and logical thinking.  Due to the nature of dry wipe ink, the printed side games are temporary and indicative only of the many ways to utilise the Doodlewiz Lunch Box. Learn to play these games and replicate then; you can extend them into the Doodle Zone area to make a bigger more challenging game. Look out for new character inserts to re-vamp your box or swap with your friends and family!

The Doodlewiz drink bottle is the perfect accessory, also offering the opportunity to doodle.  Go on, have a go; become a doodlewiz today!

You’ll be surprised to know that our lunch boxes are actually made here in Great Britain!