About us

We are Green Lighthouse Ltd, an Exeter-based company, producing an exciting new range of children’s lunch boxes, with a unique educational twist – Doodlewiz – it’s not just a lunch box!

We have managed to combine creativity, strategic thinking and fun-filled games with an everyday item that every child needs.

By researching the current lunch box market, the different processes of product production, the type of materials available and what both children and adults want from a lunch box - we have created a plastic lunch box, that may surprise you to know, has been made in England!  The Doodlewiz lunch box has been designed with sustainability in mind at every stage.

Using dry wipe technology, the Doodlewiz lunch box has been developed to be doodled on again and again.  Doodles are simply wiped off with the unique eraser rod provided.  This means mistakes are easy to correct or erase, just as successes are easy to share with everyone.  Doodlewiz will combat boredom and provide doodle-based activities. Anytime, anywhere!

The characters and images have been created in a hand drawn style to demonstrate what can be achieved. The doodles are designed to encourage children to practise and perfect simple drawings around a basic template shape, thus building confidence in their ability to draw and also to promote creative thinking.

With these tools, the child’s own invention and design skills can take over, instilling confidence in their ability as well as becoming more sophisticated in their technique and application.

We advocate healthy eating - a well-balanced diet is essential. Keeping well hydrated is also very important, so as part of our range, we offer a drink bottle that of course is not just a drink bottle!

The Doodlewiz lunch box has been designed for easy cleaning and durability. We believe it will last longer than many of the lunch boxes currently on the market. We are aware that often, something fresh or novel is needed at the beginning of a new school year, which is why our interchangeable character inserts, not only provide a guide to learn new doodle skills, but keep continued interest by helping to change the look of your box. Don't buy a new lunch box. Buy a new insert pack!

Research has shown that doodling aids concentration –http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/02/doodlerecall/

Children’s Laureate – Anthony Browne, encourages children to be creative and use their imagination by drawing or doodling over a given shape –http://www.childrenslaureate.org.uk/previous-laureates/anthony-browne/shape-game/