Our Planet

Sustainability & Environmental Concerns – Our Approach

Whilst we were unable to remove the need to use plastic - this being a key feature of our product - the materials selected are commonly used for toys and food packaging, being food safe, durable and fully recyclable.

The Doodlewiz Lunch Box has been made to a high specification; using, where possible, materials manufactured and sourced from within the United Kingdom, to provide a high quality, robust and long lasting, product.  Every child needs a lunch box, so we have strived to provide a cost effective and versatile lunch box that, if taken care of, will not only last for many years, but can be used for many other uses, from storage, to travel, to play – the list is endless.

You shouldn’t have to buy a new lunch box at the start of each new school term.  These days, many lunch boxes are either made from soft material, which is difficult to clean and not very robust; or from plastic, with poor quality clips and hinges that easily break and are not designed to last long.  The Doodlewiz Lunch Box has been designed to be both durable and easy to clean; yet stylish, but simple in appearance.  The fact that the Doodlewiz Character Inserts are reusable, removable and replaceable, gives the Doodlewiz Lunch Box, with its dry-wipe technology, on-going appeal and interest.

At the end of it's useful life, we would advocate that your Doodlewiz Lunch Box is disposed of responsibily and recycled.  You never know, in many years time, your Doodlewiz Lunch Box may turn up in your new brush, ice scraper, or garden rake?