Top Tips

Doodlewiz games are great for developing hand eye co-ordination, strategic and logical thinking. They can be played by all ages and abilities. With a little imagination, games and doodles can be extended into the Doodle Zone area. Practice drawing, writing, maths problems, or even leave messages.
Top Tips: To make a bigger more challenging game of Boxes, draw a grid of dots in the Doodle Zone area. Also, use this area to challenge your friends by making a longer hangman word!

Dry wipe pens are easy to use and easy to wipe away. We suggest you only use the pen provided.
Top Tips: For best results allow 5 seconds for your dry wipe pens to dry before erasing.
Top Tips: To personalise your box write your name with permanent pen in the recess space above the clip.

The Doodlewiz box is a robust, durable and quality product. It should last a long time if treated kindly.
Top Tips: Why recycle? Reuse instead! Use your box to store your football card collection, marbles, shells, hairclips – what ever you like.

Changing your insert: You may need an adult's help to do this! Put you thumbs into the finger scoop then push forward to slowly bend the insert and release the tabs. 
Flip or pop in a new insert. First push the single tab into the locating hole then gently bend the insert until the 2 tabs at the other end pop into their holes.
Look out for our new range of inserts!

Care instructions: The Doodlewiz lunch box has been designed for easy cleaning with minimal corners to trap food.
Remove all contents and wipe clean with warm soapy water.
If the insert becomes smeary, simply wipe over with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.
Pens should be kept in the separate compartment when the box is used for carrying food. 
Top Tips: Your leaflet is made from a special coated paper that keeps it waterproof and stops it from tearing easily. If it gets sticky or dirty just give it a wipe over with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

Healthy Eating Having a healthy diet helps to feed a creative brain. Your Doodlewiz Lunch Box should contain food from each major food group. There are lots of great ideas on what to pack into your lunch box. Try these sites:

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